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1991 Service at
Meeting House Rock Video

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1850 Shrewsbury Census


We would love to acquire or have use of any old photos that you may have of Shrewsbury residents, buildings, etc. Photos will be returned promptly. If you prefer, please send me a 300dpi scan of the images via email. I will be adding many photos in the near future and will welcome any corrections or commentary.


BROWN BRIDGEShrewsbury's Brown Bridge
Our town's covered bridge is now an official National Historical landmark. For more information go to address below and click on "Community".


The original Cuttingsville Church, as photographed below, is the site of the Shrewsbury Historical Society Museum on Route 103 in Cuttingsville,Vermont, just southeast of Rutland. The museum is free and wheelchair accessible.
Cuttingsville Church c.1900

The collection includes 19th century photographs, books, diaries, furniture, costumes, toys, as well as video and audio tapes of townspeople and special events, and a current Shrewsbury historical scrapbook.

The Historical Society Museum is open on Sundays, 1-3 pm from July to the end of October.

Appointments to visit the museum can be made by contacting Fran Patten at 802-492-3706. For genealogy help, call Nancy Spencer(802-492-3378) or email Ruth Winkler(ruthcon1@vermontel.net) 

Membership Dues: The dues for Jan. through Dec. are as follows:

Individual $10, Family $15, Contributing $30, and Life Membership (individual/couple) $125.

Mail to: Treasurer John Elwert, Shrewsbury Historical Society, 499 Shunpike Road, Cuttingsville, VT 05738.


Shrewsbury Historical Society Museum
5419 Route 103 Cuttingsville, VT 05738



Shrewsbury History Book

2012 SHS CALENDAR"Shrewsbury, Vermont -- Our Town As It Was", authored by Dawn D. Hance, has 320-pages and is soft covered in bright red with gold lettering.

It covers history of early Shrewsbury with a cut-off date of 1910. The book is available at the Town Clerk's office during hours and at the Historical Society Museum on Sundays from 1 to 3 pm until the end of October. $20.

Add $6 if mailing is requested.

hand Shrewsbury’s 250th Anniversary Commemorative Envelope

This collectible envelope with a drawing by Grace Brigham and a special unique postmark, will be mailed inside a #10 business envelope for only $4 (includes postage).


History of Shrewsbury, Vt as written in the Gazetteer and Business Directory of Rutland County,VT 1881-82

John P. Bowman mausoleum and mansion
An article here from the booklet written by Honorary Trustee of the Historical Society, the late Marjorie A. Pierce in 1995 and from articles found in the May 20, 1882 and October 31, 1882 issues of the Rutland Daily Herald which were donated to the Shrewsbury Historical Society by member Morris G. Tucker.

1957 NBC Video Ad - Courtesy of Preservation Trust of Vermont

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