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Stillwell House
Stillwell House


Mo Winkler

This farm was owned by my grandfather and grandmother Haley from about 1920(not sure of date) until around 1960. Carolyn Gilman and her children Elizabeth Ella and John also lived there from about 1935-1960.

Shawn and Seymour

Herbert & Winnie Haley - Ada 1932-33? (Ada Seymour)
Caroline Gilman - John Ella Elizabeth - 1934/1935 (Ella La Ferrer)

In 1840 Isaiah P. Russell deeded this property to James "Curtis" Hale for $120. Since no buildings are mentioned in the deed it is assumed that the house was built soon afterwards(1854 C. Hale; 1869 Thaddeus Whitney; 1980 no longer in existence.)

Winnie and Carolyn (Harrison) were sisters.


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